iso assured
Overview of Costs


iso Membership & iso Certification Costs
ISO Certification to a single Standard
Total Cost of Certification to 1 standard £570

Certification to two Standards
Total Cost of Certification to 2 standards £730

Certification to three Standards
Total Cost of Certification to 3 standards £890

Certification costs are given as a guideline and will apply to vast majority of applicants. Where there are additional certification costs, as may be the case where the scope covers a wide range of activities or the organisation carries out operations in a number of different locations, a costed quote will be prepared in advance of final assessment.

iso Certification Renewal Costs
iso Certification renewal costs
Reassessment / Surveillance Audit £450

The above cost assumes 1 day visit to a single site and for review of 1 standard. Additional costs may apply if renewal to cover more than 1 site, more than 1 day and / or multiple standards. Cost for additional standards are +£150 per standard.


iso Training / iso Consultancy Costs
iso Training / iso Consultancy

iso assured consultants are all qualified and experienced in developing and implementing a wide range of management systems to various different standards. Our approved consultants are all experienced at providing consultancy for organisation's who are certified by iso assured as well as by other UKAS accredited certification companies and this ensures that the consultancy we provide for iso systems is completed to a standard that meets the requirements of UKAS accredited certification. As we are not UKAS accredited our consultants can also complete assessment of your systems giving you a complete and hassle free service.

iso assured consultants can provide audit training, develop systems electronically or on paper, provide guidance on the best use of IT and the storage and management of your iso systems documentation.

Please contact us if you would like a no obligation quotation for iso consultancy and / or iso assessment package.


Virtual iso Consultancy

This iso consultancy is provided remotely using our online workspace, email and telephone. This provides a low cost approach with consultancy completed at a time and pace that fits in with your requirements. You will be assigned an approved consultant who will guide you through the entire process of preparing your management systems and achieving iso certification.

Documentation Packages

ISO Management System Documentation Package* £375
Review and amendment of existing iso system documentation £375

The above costs are given as a guideline and are based on certain assumptions about scope and complexity of systems. If your organisation requires additional time to develop systems this will be stated during initial assessment and costed proposal prepared.

* This cost includes preparation of iso documentation for up to 2 standards.