iso assured

Benefits of our Service

isoassured benefitsiso assured was established by professionals experienced with assisting companies achieve certification to a number of different standards and supplier qualification schemes.

In assisting our clients meet the requirements of the various standards and schemes we identified a number of good practices and positives from the services provided by certification companies but also a number of areas where we felt the assessment / registration process was hindering the efficiency and competitiveness of the company completing the process.

Often the assessment process was too onerous in terms of time required, associated cost, and documentation requirements often led to a lot of unnecessary 'box ticking'.

Some certification bodies base costs on turnover or number of operatives which we thought was unfair on clients with simple business processes but with a large workforce or turnover.

The iso assured service aims to focus on the positive aspects of assessment, our service keeps costs and unnecessary downtime to a minimum.


With iso assured all costs are fixed and up-front. There are no unexpected extras added into the equation. If you are looking for low cost certification we are able to offer incredibly competitive packages to get you certified.

Our costs are based on the time involved with setting up and adequately assessing your systems - we do not charge based on your business size or turnover.

Competitive Advantage

With our service you can develop systems and complete assessments in a manner that fits in with your existing business operations.

Cost advantages of our approach also ensures your costs are kept under control.


Our service allows the process to be completed using a number of different communication channels - online, in person, telephone or via email.

Audits that are approriate in terms of time allocated

We will not impose on you an excessive number of days of external auditing. If the assessment process can be completed in a day that is all we will allocate. We believe that nearly all single-site organisations can complete an iso assessment in a single day. Why pay for an audit that takes 4 days when it can be completed in 1 day.

forms libraryOnline Systems - isoassured Extranet

Our online work area allows you and your assessor / consultant to interact, collaborate and discuss your registration in a direct and asynchronous manner.

Resource Library

isoassured members have full access to our online resource library available in the client extranet. This library contains a large number of form templates and audit checklists as well as other useful resources to assist you when developing or implementing management systems.


As we are not bound by the rules of UKAS we are able to offer an approach that meets your requirements rather than meeting guidelines and regulations that have no relevance to your organisation. External audits can be carried out at a time and frequency to suit your organisation.


We offer a combined consultancy and assessment service. This approach is not allowed within UKAS accredited certification assessment and we feel this means your organisation loses out. Why pay £700 / day to a UKAS accredited certification company for an auditor who is not even permitted to give the most simple and obvious advice when you can have an iso assured assessor for a lower daily rate and who is there to work with you and share their wealth of knowledge in helping you to ensure systems meet the standard.