iso assured

Certification Approach

iso certification approachWe offer a flexible certification process that is tailored to the needs of our customers.

We aim to provide a certification service to the same standard as UKAS accredited certification but with considerable savings in terms of time and cost.

The certification process is essentially an evaluation of implemented systems against the standards to ensure compliance. To accomplish this we need evidence of the systems and the successful implementation of these systems and we will use a number of different means to help establish the criteria has been met.

Our certification process is intended to be beneficial and our customer focussed approach allows certification to take place with minimal disruption to the normal business operations of your organisation.


Online Assistance - helping to prevent your business from going offline

Our assessment process takes advantage of online resources to create a flexible and interactive certification process.

Once you register with us you will have access to the isoassured extranet where you can access and download sample forms and audit checklist from our online library.

In addition you will also have your own work area where documentation and files specific to your organisation will be stored and you will be able to upload your own files for your assessor to review and communicate with you using the online discussion facilities. This approach allows you to work on this at times convenient to yourself and your business.


Evidence gathering;

In order to assess systems for compliance we employ a number of different means of evidence gathering. With an external assessment visit our assessor will compile and collate all the necessary evidence;

Systems Documentation

We will review the quality management system and documented procedures you have prepared. Files can be uploaded to your client workspace where our assessors can review and comment on the content.

Audit checklists

We will provide you with checklists covering all the requirements for meeting the standards you have applied for as well as detailing any relevant regulatory or legal requirements.


Your assessor may need to ask you questions about how your different processes work to get a better understanding of your systems. This can be done using your own private discussion forum, emails, during a consultancy visit or during pre-arranged telephone interviews.


Remote Assessment

We can help you to prepare for audit by providing the necessary tools and instructions to enable you to fully audit and assess your own systems.

We can help to prepare checklists that are specifically designed for your organisation and will take into account any regulatory or legislative requirements.

One of our assessors will review any evidence you provide and let you know if there any gaps or additional information required. The additional evidence may then be requested in the form of additional written procedures or informally.


isoassured assessment and certification

One of our qualified assessors will visit your organisation and complete an external audit and assessment of your systems.

As we are not UKAS registered our assessors are able to consult and advise you to help ensure systems are working correctly and help you achieve certification. Therefore we can help you address and close out minor non-conformances during the assessment visit. UKAS guidelines prohibit assessors from providing any form of consultancy.


UKAS accredited Assessment

With clients who require UKAS accredited certification we will complete our usual assessment process to ensure the management system is meeting the requirements of the standard(s) and ready for assessment by a 3rd party UKAS accredited certification company. Many of our auditors also complete audits for UKAS accredited certification companies and this ensures our certification standards are maintained at the same level as UKAS accredited certification companies.