About Us

At isoassured we believe in taking a sensible, practical and benefit-focussed approach to ISO certification. Our aim is to not only provide a fair and reliable certification service but to also provide a service that benefits our clients with a cost effective and flexible approach that is adapted to the individual needs of our customers. Our consultancy approach is to implement practical systems without jargon or unnecessary paperwork or activities.

isoassured is a family run business which evolved from a business consultancy service. As business consultants we exclusively used UKAS accredited certification companies as there weren't any non-UKAS certification companies we could trust to provide independent certification to a reasonable standard and at a fair price. Over the years we have dealt with numerous clients who have lost out or been duped by the practices of certain established non-UKAS certification companies, some providing 'accredited' certificates which were a sham, long contracts and useless documentation and practices for ISO compliance which could never actually achieve ISO certification with any reputable provider.

Since we also had clients who had taken the decision to not retain their UKAS accredited certification due to the cost in terms of audit time and financial cost we looked for a solution where we could help our clients to maintain some recognition for the fact they had management systems in place to the requirements of these standards and therefore setup isoassured to provide a good value and high quality certification service.

Our approach is to always provide a good service at a fair price. We do not charge based on turnover or number of employees - our fee structure is entirely based on a fair rate for the time taken by one of our qualified auditors to complete the audit. We include advice and consultancy with the assessment process since to not offer advice and help would be less useful to our customers.

Benefit focussed approach - when assisting our clients we always consider the overall objective of the management system / purpose for ISO certification and help to take the approach which provides the greatest benefit to the company by selecting the correct certification option at the lowest possible price.

isoassured Certification Service

isoassured was established by professionals experienced with assisting companies achieve certification to a number of different ISO standards as well as various supplier qualification schemes. In assisting our clients meet the requirements of ISO standards and schemes we identified a number of good practices and positives from the services provided by certification companies but also a number of areas where we felt the assessment / registration process was hindering the efficiency and competitiveness of the company completing the process.

Often the assessment process was too onerous in terms of time required, associated cost, and documentation requirements often led to a lot of unnecessary 'box ticking'. Some certification bodies base costs on turnover or number of operatives which we thought was unfair on clients with simple business processes but with a large workforce or turnover. The iso assured service aims to focus on the positive aspects of assessment, our service keeps costs and unnecessary downtime to a minimum.

isoassured Certification - Low Fixed Costs

With isoassured all costs are fixed and up-front and there are no unexpected extras added into the equation. If you are looking for low cost certification we are able to offer incredibly competitive packages to get you certified. Our costs are based on the time involved - we do not charge based on your business size or turnover. Business continuity - with our service you can develop systems and complete assessments in a manner that fits in with your existing business operations without any disruption. Developing systems and achieving certification for the benefit of your business should be achieved without harming your business.