BS 18477 Inclusive Service Provision Standard

The BS 18477 standard isn't an ISO standard, it is actually a British Standard which is why there is no 'ISO' in the title, and this standard covers Inclusive Service Provision and dertails the requirements for identifying and responding to consumer vulnerability.

The current version of this standard is BS 18477:2010 and is intended as a guideline for organisations looking to ensure that they are fully committed to providing a fair and inclusive service with consideration of the needs of vulnerable users.

Meeting the requirements of this standard

To meet the needs of this standard there are a number of inclusive practices that need to be in place and the organisation must also demonstrate that effective systems are in place to identify and deal with service users who may be vulnerable. In addition the service must also be fully accessible which covers marketing materials and website and an accessibility review should also be completed. All operatives who deal with any identified vulnerable groups must be trained so that they can recognise the triggers to indicate vulnerability.

isoassured can assist with preparation of management systems to meet the requirements of this standard - check our ISO Consultancy page for details of how we can help with onsite consultancy, remote consultancy or by using our alphaZ documents package to meet the requirements of this standard.

BS 18477 Certification process

We offer a simple, smart, certification process to provide independent confirmation that your organisation meets the requirements of the BS 18477 standard and once an audit has been completed with a satisfactory outcome we issue an BS 18477 registration certificate and authorise your organisation to display our 'BS 18477 Registered' logo. Audits are completed by a qualified auditor and can be completed remotely or by site visit depending on the circumstances.

Further details on our certification service are available on the ISO Certification page.


Benefits of BS 18477 Certification

  • Demonstrate to customers and other partners that the organisation is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive service
  • Reduce the possibility of accidentally excluding or disadvantaging vulnerable users
  • Effective systems for monitoring and dealing with any concerns about vulnerable users
  • Ongoing checks and review of inclusion in operational activities
  • Systems for continual improvement of management systems
  • BS 18477 Certified - Inclusive Service Provision Logo for use in marketing
  • Enhanced systems for ongoing checks of accessibility arrangements

BS 18477 Logo